Harvest 2016

2015 found us unable to take care of the vineyard. It was more important for a father to walk his daughter down the aisle in California than harvest his grapes. Even though I had help taking care of the vineyard nature dealt a fatal blow to the crop before it could be harvested. The bird… Continue reading Harvest 2016

Spring vines 2014

We have high hopes for the crop this year. The Sauvignon blanc vines are now 5 years old. This is the first year we’ve analyzed the leaf petioles. The results show an optimal balance with just a little nitrogen deficiency. Surprisingly, the potassium content in all vines is very high which is good for the development of the… Continue reading Spring vines 2014

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The crop

Harvest on August 11 was a success. Ladies and gentlemen… We have Sauvignon blanc.  

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Pests posing as guests A.K.A: Rose Chafer beetles

These varmints showed up about a month before harvest. In the last two weeks, they began to eat at the canopy of the vines. The preferred method of eradication was placing a pheromone trap to lure the beetles away from the vines. This was done within the last week before harvest as shipping for the trap took longer than expected. These little pests… Continue reading Pests posing as guests A.K.A: Rose Chafer beetles