Spring vines 2014

grape clusters on vine
First view of the 2014 flower clusters.
Assyrtiko grape vine
An Assyrtiko vine located in the new block.

We have high hopes for the crop this year. The Sauvignon blanc vines are now 5 years old. This is the first year we’ve analyzed the leaf petioles. The results show an optimal balance with just a little nitrogen deficiency. Surprisingly, the potassium content in all vines is very high which is good for the development of the fruit.

Other news is that this is the first year we’ll be using quadrilateral cordons on the trellis. So far we’ve doubled the amount of shoots and fruit from this time last year. Hopefully we’ll see slower vigor from the vines throughout the season.

Last year, the Rose Chafers caused significant damage. In addition to the same beneficial nematodes we used last year, we’ll use organic Surround™ starting mid-June.

We’ve planted 30 new Assyrtiko vines supplied by UC Davis Foundation Plant Services in a separate block which should start to mature within the next two years. Check out the second photo above.

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