Harvest 2016


2015 found us unable to take care of the vineyard. It was more important for a father to walk his daughter down the aisle in California than harvest his grapes. Even though I had help taking care of the vineyard nature dealt a fatal blow to the crop before it could be harvested. The bird net was never installed and the birds , rose chafers, bees and rot all took their turn.

2016 finds us in much better shape than last year. As hard as I tried to farm organically the Rose Chafers have overwhelmed me. I had to use an non organic spray to knock them down and control them. Too much work not to protect the crop. Petiole analysis shows the vine pretty much in balance.

The Sauvignon blanc was harvested Aug. 9, 2016.

Yield                     160 lbs  =  9 gallons juice

Brix                       24 degrees

PH                         3.4

Yeast                    QA 23

Fermentation   Aug. 10  to Aug. 17,  73 degrees

In Storage now               56 degrees

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