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Harvest August 2017

It’s been a wet Monsoon season. Almost twice as much rain as a normal summer. We’re really pleased with the Sauvignon blanc crop. The grapes are full and ripe. Insect pressure wasn’t as bad as last year due to spraying at the first sign of Rose Chafer beetles. There were very few Grape Colopsis beetles. One vine was found with Japanese beetles, which are very aggressive and inflict a lot of damage to the vine and grapes.

We harvested the Sauvignon blanc grapes at 23 brix on the 8th of August and the wine fermented for 5 days before going dry.

Yield                     185 lbs  =  7 gallons juice

Brix                       23 degrees

PH                         3.4

Yeast                    QA 23


Pests posing as guests A.K.A: Rose Chafer beetles

These varmints showed up about a month before harvest. In the last two weeks, they began to eat at the canopy of the vines. The preferred method of eradication was placing a pheromone trap to lure the beetles away from the vines. This was done within the last week before harvest as shipping for the trap took longer than expected.

Grapes, Beetle, Rose Chafer, Vineyard Pest

  • These little pests arrived in early July.
  • Some skeletonization of leafs in late July.
  • Sprayed with neem oil and orange oil with little effect.
  • Placed pheromone traps in last week of July.