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  • Harvest August 2017

    It’s been a wet Monsoon season. Almost twice as much rain as a normal summer. We’re really pleased with the Sauvignon blanc crop. The grapes are full and ripe. Insect pressure wasn’t as bad as last year due to spraying at the first sign of Rose Chafer beetles. There were very few Grape Colopsis beetles. […]

  • Harvest 2016

    2015 found us unable to take care of the vineyard. It was more important for a father to walk his daughter down the aisle in California than harvest his grapes. Even though I had help taking care of the vineyard nature dealt a fatal blow to the crop before it could be harvested. The bird […]

  • The Hobby Vineyard Status | Reporting Mid-July Growth

    Warm weather with afternoon monsoonal showers. Daytime temeratures in 90° fahrenheit range, cooling into the 60° range overnight. Grapes are on schedule for ripening, averaging 1° brix per week. 2.37″ of rain from July 1 through July 16 Low pressure from insects and disease. Applied bird netting 2 weeks ago – minimal damage to date. Signs of Tomato Horn Worms […]